Limoncello/Clemecello Day!

It’s been a month since I zested a ton of citrus and started infusing 2 jars of vodka. I religiously shook the jars twice a week and documented the results as their contents got darker and darker. This morning an alarm went off on my phone- Limoncello/Clemencello Day! Joy!

I opened the jars and they smelled amazing! I used my endlessly useful nut milk bag (see my cheesemaking adventures for more on this) to strain out all the zest and wrung out the excess liquid.


Here’s the clemencello (L) and the limoncello (R) after they went through the nut milk bag, before filtering.

Next I made a simple syrup with 5C sugar and 3C water (enough for both limoncello & clemencello). My initial thought was that using the nut milk bag to strain out the zest would be enough & then decided it would benefit from some additional filtering and got out my coffee filters. I used cone filters which worked out beautifully because I was able to place it inside of the mason jar and hold it in place with one of the jar rings.


Here’s my superb, high-tech filtering system being set up.

Once filtering was complete (don’t skip this, it made a HUGE difference). I was ready to bottle my homemade booze and more importantly, taste it! The recipe, as I made it made one 750ml bottle (standard wine bottle) and 1 1/2 374ml (half size wine bottle) of each flavor. Shout out thank you to Jason for the bottles! 🙂 That was a bit less than I had anticipated, I guess due to all the filtering (& a certain amount of evaporation?).

I’m pretty happy with the results, both had a nice, sweet citrusy flavor. I was surprised to find that the lemon had a stronger flavor and a darker color, since the clementine peel was more oily than the lemon. I suppose that’s because lemons have a stronger flavor in general than clementines.

Here’s the whole series if you want to try this deliciousness for yourself. If you do, comment the blog or tweet me!

Getting Started 

Week One

Week Two

Week Three


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