That’s my boy!

Last week, my son (age 17) came to me with an idea for a recipe that he had come up with. He wanted to make burgers (or meatloaves) using Funyuns, Cheetos etc. as a binder. And yes, he used the word binder (we watch a lot of Chopped at my house). I poked around a bit online and wasn’t able to find another recipe like he was proposing (chip off the RFB block!) I gave him a little help with ratios of meat/egg/binder and we gave it a go last night!

Junk Food Burgers 3 Ways

(makes about 12 quarter-pound burgers)


about 3 pounds ground beef, not too lean (I like 80/20)

3 large eggs, beaten

2-3 handfuls Funyuns, about 1/4 C ground

2-3 handfuls Cheetos, about 1/4 C ground

2-3 handfuls Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, about 1/4 C ground

cooking spray

12 buns of your choice

condiments (ketchup, mustard, etc), if desired


1) In a large bowl, combine ground beef and eggs. Mix by hand until combined.


2) Divide meat into 3 equal parts and set aside.


3) Using a blender or food processor, pulse Funyuns until they are fine breadcrumbs. You want to have about 1/4C of fine crumbs.


FYI when you grind up Funyuns and Cheetos they leave behind a slightly disturbing greasy residue. See that dark orange stripe?

4) Combine Funyuns with first ball of meat. Mix by hand until combined.

5) Divide into 4 burger patties. Set aside.

6) Repeat steps 3-5 with Cheetos, and Flamin’ Hot Cheetos.

7) Spray broiler pan lightly with cooking spray.

8) Broil burgers about 5 mins each side.

9) Remove from oven and allow meat to rest 3 mins before serving.


That’s the Flamin’ Hot burger on the left…

10) Serve on buns, with condiments, if desired.


From left: Cheetos, Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, Funyuns





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