Adventures in Cheese Making: UPDATE

I have pulled the lemon cheese out of the nut milk bag. I used a quart of milk and I have a soft cheese ball that is slightly smaller than a tennis ball! I put it in a bowl and mixed in some dried dill weed. Then I rolled it up into a round ball, wrapped it in plastic wrap, and put it in the fridge to chill until tomorrow. Tomorrow, the big taste test! And pix! And hopefully cheesy happiness! (Pun intended.)

Also, I now have a mason jar full of whey in my fridge that I need to figure out how to use… ideas?


  1. There are lots of uses for Whey, tomatoes plants love them, you can bake with it (Bread, pancakes) use it in soups like a stock. You can boil it and add lemon and honey and make Wheymonade. The possibilities are endless.

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      1. It’s pretty good, it tastes like a slightly sour lemonade. I found it quite refreshing. The only time I don’t make it is when I am making a bloomy rind or a blue cheese. Gives it an off flavour


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