Wino Field Trip: Windy Wine Co.

 I had heard about this winery several years ago, but while I was checking out the list of 2014 Missouri Governor’s Cup winners something jumped out at me and I knew I would have to make the trip (just about an hour from my home) and check out what these guys were doing for myself. What was the gamechanger? Peanut Butter and Jelly Wine. It brought home the GOLD. I needed to go and experience this wine for myself.

Being in the wine-selling business makes it challenging to go and check out other local wineries; and to find friends who aren’t working to accompany you. Last Friday worked out perfectly. Dropped the kidlets at summer camp for the weekend, grabbed a girlfriend who was willing to sham out of work for the day, and made the pilgrimage out to Osborn, MO

We were doorbusters, as in we arrived just as they were opening at 11AM. The tasting room is where their vines are, so it’s kind of remote but lovely. I had my game face on and was ready to taste some wines!

Here are some highlights:


Tyrannosaurus Red brought home a Silver Medal from the 2014 Missouri Governor’s Cup

Tyrannosaurus Red: This wine has a lot going on. That’s actually what I said when I took my first sip. It’s a blend of Norton (the Missouri state grape and not usually my favorite) and Chambourcin (another locally-grown grape with a delicious earthiness to it). T-red is aged in American, French, and bourbon barrel oak. According to Kraig, the vintner, the bourbon barrel imparts flavors of “rich vanilla and smooth toasted spices”. What I really enjoyed about the T-red was its complexity- layer upon layer of flavors. An undertone of soft earthiness, then vanilla, spice box, black pepper, and cherry notes each take their turn on your palate. A bottle of this one followed me home!


White Chocolate Strawberry won a Bronze Medal at the 2014 Missouri Governor’s Cup

White Chocolate Strawberry: This wine had me skeptical. First of all, I detest white chocolate. Really, it’s not even chocolate at all. According to the FDA a chocolate should contain cocoa solids as well as cocoa butter. Also, in the realm of all berries, strawberries are probably my least favorite. Strawberries aren’t actually berries either, but that’s another blog post. I was fully prepared to have my friend, who likes both of these things, evaluate this wine more fairly than I could. Boy, did this wine prove me wrong. The strawberry wine was just sweet enough, and just tart enough. Like eating an actual strawberry. The white chocolate was more of a mouthfeel than a flavor. A slight sweetness, behind the strawberry and a softness in your mouth at the end. A very nice surprise.


Peanut Butter and Jelly brought home a Gold Medal at the Missouri Governor’s Cup!

Peanut Butter and Jelly: I was so excited to try this wine. In fact, it was a big part of the reason I made the trip. What an unusual, creative idea! Last year, when I was doing wine pairings for the Missouri Wine passport program, I was pairing Concord wine with peanut butter pie! I was all over this! Just for the record, I have no idea how I felt like there was actually peanut butter on the roof of my mouth at the end of this wine. Here is the tweet I sent after my tasting: 


Mmmhmm, Definitely brought one of these home…

We were also fortunate enough to try a sample of the Mango Mead that wasn’t even bottled yet (nice and summery) and it was super-nice of them let us test-run a Mediterranean platter of pita, crackers, hummus, veggies, and feta.

The munchies they hooked us up with! You had me at hummus....

The munchies they hooked us up with! You had me at hummus….

We are already planning our return trip to try out some of the fall wines such as Campfire Mead (I’m told it tastes like toasted marshmallow!) and to let our men try some of the beers they have available brewed by Black Belt Brewing Co. I’m not a beer gal, mind you, but I really liked the Ninja Breakfast, a milk stout that had a gentle flavor and was not overly heavy. 

Thank you for your hospitality Windy Wine Co –you’ll be seeing me again soon! 


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