Games, Snacks, and Wine!

Friends. Family. Fun. Game night should always include some snacks, but how about wine? When Instagrammed that photo of the Chardonnay and said I was pairing it with UNO and some snacks, I was inevitablity asked which wines paired with other games. Wheels began to turn, and this is what I came up with:


1. Family Game Night: I think most parents will agree, mom & dad would love a glass of wine during game night with the kids. At my house, it’s Jenga or Clue, or maybe a cutthroat game of UNO (No man is safe from the infamous DRAW 4). Let’s pair that with a nice fruity Chardonnay and munch something savory with a little kick, like jalapeño poppers!


2. Grown-up Game Night: Get a sitter and play something a little more mature like Cards Against Humanity. Just a tip, if you have never played this game and don’t know what something on the card means, DO NOT GOOGLE IT. Just trust me on this. For all this adult fun we’ll need to drink something with a little more edge. Let’s go with Port. Port is typically a sweet red wine that is fortified. Usually with brandy. While your average wine is 11-15% alcohol, Port packs an 18-20% punch. Some brownies are always a nice compliment to Port; or a nice outside-the-box pairing is fresh mozzarella and figs.

port-brownies-23. Geeky Game Night: I’m pretty sure that no one likes a good nerd-fest more than I do. We recently discovered Munchkin— it’s a super-fun role play type game. Like old school D&D, but lighter and much faster to play. What pairs better with nerdy goodness than a nice flagon of Mead? Mead is actually wine made from fermented honey. You may remember it from Beowulf or Harry Potter (But don’t drink the mead in HP, it’s poisoned.) If you are so inclined, go ahead and pair that with a nice roasted turkey leg; but I like it with cheese, bread, cured meats, and olives.

013112_dragon_head_beer_mug_64. Game Night for Smarties: I love word games! Fun fact: Scrabble is Aunt Martha’s favorite. But I like Boggle more (less looking up words in the dictionary to see if they’re legit). For some reason I feel compelled to give this one a more “sophisticated” pairing. I’m leaning towards a nice full-bodied dry red. A Shiraz or Malbec. I’m picturing the players looking at the board thoughtfully while sipping their wine. And just so we don’t get too full of ourselves on this one, let’s pair that with some Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies.

Scrabble at Skylands AKA Casa Martha

Scrabble at Skylands AKA Casa Martha

5. Girls Game Night: Confession: I have never played Bunco. I know tons of people who play it and have a great time, but I have no idea how to play. But for some reason when I hear Girl’s Game Night, that’s the first thing that pops into my head. And when you have a lot of girls together, what is better than pink wine? I know, that’s a big fat stereotype; but Rosé is making a comeback in a big way. And these are not your mother (or grandmother’s) Rosé. These are drier wines with more complicated flavors, subtle notes of berry and a floral nose.  Go ahead and have a potluck; Rosé is a versatile wine– pair it with everything from cheeses and dips to fruit platters and cold cuts!


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